A Note From Scott & Stephanie

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Dear New Day Family,

We can hardly believe that 2015 marks our seventh year since moving to the far away land of Knightsville to plant a “house that beats with the heart of David”.
During the last six years we have seen our church family grow and prosper. People have been transformed and healed. The message of the Father’s love has been planted and is bearing fruit!  As if that was not enough for Jesus to have been working on…there is more!
We have been able to establish Wellspring School of the Heart and also Wellspring School of Life in The Word. These schools have been training and equipping our church body and some individuals have been sent out to plant new churches. Yes, amazingly, the church without a permanent building has somehow planted three other churches: New Day Charleston, New Day Waynesville and New Day Peckham (London, UK). It really is an upside-down kingdom!
Also, we are hearing of the rich and impacting ministry of Courtney and Matt Oliver as they are running conferences in Germany and sharing the values they learned whilst they were at New Day.
When we moved here in August of 2008, Matilda was just 8 weeks old, Lily was 1, Isaac was 3 and Sam just 5 years old! We look back at those early days and wonder how we did it! Sometimes it was very stretching but the Lord was so faithful to us. It has been a very action-packed time and we are so privileged to see all that the Lord has done.
For some time now the Lord has been speaking to us about taking a sabbatical in our seventh year. As we have observed the healthy paradigms for lifelong leadership in the Body of Christ, we see leaders that have been mindful to take extended breaks from time to time. Many times leaders who fail to take extended breaks end up burned out. Fortunately, we are not burned out right now; we actually feel really great! However, as the Lord has been prompting us, we will be taking a four-week break this July.We are planning to drive to Vancouver, Canada and stay with friends along the way! This will be a mini-adventure for our family and a time to rest and be refreshed. We believe that it’s going to produce very good fruit for our whole church family as we follow the Lord’s prompting and return refreshed and invigorated!
As we are away, we’re confident in the team of leaders that we’re able to leave at the helm. Our church staff and Pastoral Team will be leading and ministering to the church whilst we are away. We know they are going to do a great job!
Thanks so much for your love and support toward us. We brag to everyone that we have the most supportive and loving church family! We are genuinely grateful to have journeyed with you this far and we are expectant of what the Lord intends to do in the days to come.
We keep getting the word from the Lord, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” We look forward to finding out what that means!
With Love,

Scott & Stephanie Jones
Lead Pastors