Our Services

Life Application Teaching

We prioritize teaching Biblical truth that is directly applicable to real life in every teaching setting, from Kids’ Church to Sunday teachings and beyond. Topical life application teaching is important, but we also value expository teaching. Throughout the year, we will take time to teach through an Epistle / Bible book during a Sunday sermon series, because it is our goal is to teach the whole counsel of God.


At New Day, we believe that corporate worship is one of the primary functions of gathering together. The specific mandate that God gave to New Day was to be “a house that beats with the heart of David”. Our worship is pattered after that of King David whose worship was extravagant, skilled, creative, intimate and honest. We value homegrown worship songs, new songs, and prophetic expression in our praise and worship times.

Community and Hospitality

Community is a vital aspect of New Day. Friendships and family are core to one’s spiritual health and we emphasize developing healthy relationships. Life Groups are a great way to form relationships. and make connections. We encourage our church family to practice hospitality and invite one another over for dinner!

Kids / Youth Ministry

Our kids and youth ministry pivots from the same core values of Father’s love, hearing His voice, healing and restoration, and extending the Kingdom. We train the little ones and the bigger ones to value God’s word and to hear His voice in their lives. We want them to know they have a powerful God who designed them to live powerful lives in His name.

Prayer / Prophetic Ministry

Every Sunday after the service our prayer ministry team is available in the main meeting room to bless and pray for you. In addition, there is a trained prophetic team who will listen to The Lord on your behalf and give you some words of encouragement as described in 1 Corinthians 14.

Getting Connected

If you wish to get more connected at New Day, consider the following: volunteer to serve in one of the many ministry areas; join a Life Group; attend the School of Ministry; contact a pastoral team or church staff member and arrange a time for coffee; join a missions team; or get involved with local outreach.

Hospitable to God. Hospitable to People.

Our Values

New Day Community upholds core values that infiltrate every area of church life. We use the acronym F.I.R.E to help us remember. Father's Love. Intimacy with God through hearing His Voice. Restoration & Healing. Extending God's Kingdom locally and to the nations.

Father Heart Message

Father-God desires above all things for you to experience His love through a deep, personal and experiential relationship with Him as His child. This reality influences our leadership, sermons, life groups, schools, hospitality and all we do at New Day.


Jesus said that His sheep would hear His voice. At New Day, we champion the pursuit of growing in our ability to hear God speak for ourselves and on behalf of one another. We focus on training and equipping around growing in prophetic ministry which is celebrated and valued at New Day.


We believe that God wants to restore you emotionally, physically, and spiritually through His present healing power. Healing and restoration is an key focus of teaching, equipping, relationships, prayer ministry and leadership at New Day.

Extending the Kingdom of God

Our desire is to train and equip you so that you can extend and release the Kingdom of God. We want to encourage you to function in your God-given gifts so you can fulfill your purpose. We also want you to be prepared to share the message of the gospel , at every opportunity God gives you.

Our Beliefs

Statement of Beliefs

Jesus was down to earth, so are we!

Our Network

Our church is one of several New Day Churches which are associated with the Partners in Harvest Network (PIH). This world-wide network developed out of the Holy Spirit's outpouring in Toronto in 1994 under the leadership of John and Carol Arnott. PIH offers oversight and support to our church and leaders.

A House that Beats with the Heart of David.

Our History

In 2005, Scott and Stephanie were living in Kalamazoo, Michigan serving as Assistant Pastors at New Day Kalamazoo.  During a time rest and prayer, Stephanie received a dream from the Lord.  “I was flying down the east coast of The United States and I knew I was heading toward South Carolina. As I flew along the coastline I saw a large, 30-foot tall knight standing inland, and I heard a voice say the word, ‘Knightsville.’  I knew it was a place but had never heard of it. Then, I saw the Lord Jesus and he said to me, ‘This is a good place to plant a church.’ He explained to me that Scott and I would move to this place called ‘Knightsville’ and establish a ‘house that beats with the heart of David.’
This is a good place to plant a church…a house that beats with the heart of David
Scott came home that day and Stephanie shared the whole experience with him. His first thought was “Is there really a place called Knightsville in South Carolina?” So, they did what any good Christian would do,  they searched the internet to find out if there was indeed a place called “Knightsville” in South Carolina. Amazingly, there was! Taking an enormous leap of faith, they moved with their children to Summerville in September 2008.  and by April of 2009 Sunday morning services were launched at the YMCA.