Cross Road – by Carol Mennett

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When you find yourself standing at a crossroad

And the decision isn’t just which way to go

It’s a question of which journey you’ll be taking

Who will navigate and what seed you should sow


I can tell you there’s an easy way to view this

It brings peace in knowing you won’t go alone

Ask your Father what His will for you is

He will guide you with a knowledge that’s His own


So whenever you are asked to make a judgment

Should I follow God or go the worldly way

Just remember He will never keep good from you

And he wants you to succeed; just stop and pray


And then when you have decided to put trust in

The Only One who knows just what your future holds

Take the time to thank Him for His wisdom

And then watch the blessings effortlessly unfold


When you started you had many things to ponder

The decision seemed to bring a heavy load

All along the Right Way stood and beckoned for you

Once the question, now the answer

Take the Cross Road


Carol Mennett is a member here at New Day.  She and her family are actively involved in the Children’s ministry at church.