Does God Care About Your Healing? – Jessica Howell

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Does God care about your healing?
Some of us immediately respond with a resounding YES, but inside we may not know for sure.
I can tell you this; He does care.
Look at the sea star, for example. It has the ability to regenerate appendages after amputation. Seriously! God is cool! He gives us inspiration from Creation all the time! The sea star is beautiful! God loves His creation. He wanted them to look and operate with His design. He did not want them to be mangled and mutilated because of their environment. If He gave sea stars this ability, what has He given us?
The Holy Spirit gives us nine gifts…one is Healing.
Unfortunately healing doesn’t always happen the first time we ask.
At the Ladies Retreat I realized I was believing a lie. My body’s response to gluten was debilitating. I ended up in the ER. I carried and epi-pen with me at all times. Even if my food touched something that was contaminated, I could break out in hives.
So, I prayed. I got prayed for. I had people come to my house and pray more.
But nothing happened…
This opened a door in my heart. It connected to other times in my life when I felt unimportant.
I did not realize it, but I started accepting that this illness was okay. I stopped persisting… I stopped knocking. Not on purpose. Not in deliberate rebellion. It was just my natural response that I’ve learned. My thought pattern changed. When I saw someone healed I said, “Well, he needed healing more than me… I’m really okay.” I said things like, “Well if I’m really careful I can avoid the symptoms.” My illness started to become part of my identity. I was living in constant fear and passivity…the direct opposite of what God gave me.
2 Timothy 1:7For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
I was not living up to my potential in Christ.
Jesus came to give us life and life to the fullest, not watch us suffer and finally make it to heaven where we receive healing.
I believe God does not like to see His creations barely surviving. He did not design us to live with illness. If we do not guard our hearts, we can start believing lies about our identity.
After God showed me the lie, I asked for the truth. I saw a picture of a large basin of oil in the throne room of heaven. I saw Papa God pour out all of the oil to the last drop on my head. Then He said, “Even if no one else ever needed healing, I still would have paid for it all just for you.” This wrecked me! I mean I cried until my eyes were swollen! That ungodly belief was knocked out! And now for the most spectacular part…drumroll please….I AM HEALED!!!!!!
I ate whole grain wheat and did not have a reaction!
I’m thrilled!
I also want to encourage everyone still praying for healing.
His timing is not always our timing, but He always cares!