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When New Day Church SC was just beginning and I was deciding whether or not to move down here to help out, I realized that this was an opportunity to “get in on the ground floor” of something awesome that God was doing. Like a business man looking to invest in a new company, I saw the potential for reward but knew it would take faith during the early times of infancy to stick it out. 


It’s easy to come along later, when there is meat on the bones, and catch the more developed vision. It’s less risky and it feels safer to commit after we see some results. As I went to share this link today about Dig the Well Charleston, I intended to offer a brief, Facebook style blurb about how you should click here. But something deeper rose up in me in the moment. I want to encourage you, invest now! Pour resources into what God is doing now, when there is hardly anything physical to speak of and watch Him reward you according to your faith. 


Come join us, share this link, send a check – do whatever God puts on your heart to do. But don’t let fear of making a mistake stop you from sowing into the harvest that our Father is preparing in Charleston. Let His value system trump yours and cause you to be faithful to give in whatever way His Spirit leads you.


See you Sunday!


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Joshua SlyeJoshua Slye is a Pastoral Assistant at New Day and the Director of the School of the Heart.  He and his wife, Sarah, have just received their first bundle of joy, Ms. Greta Claire.  They are lovers of Jesus, endeavor to share the love of the Father with others and love a good, strong cup of coffee.