Some Reflections on Grief

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Some Reflections on Grief….

As I am walking out my own journey of grief after the passing of my father, I offer my own thoughts and experiences toward others who walk this path.  Grief is an arbitrary thing.  Yet, we must all embrace it at some time or another.

I believe that we were not originally designed to cope with death.  We were made for everlasting companionship with The Father and one another.  Since death became a part of the human experience,  generations have developed ways of processing our responses to loss.  However, I believe that the core response to death is always “this should not have happened.”  Rightly so.  It was not meant to be this way.

Regardless, though, we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we shall fear no evil, His rod and His staff shall comfort us.  We are not alone.  Even in the dark basin of grief.  Stunned by the treachery of separation.   Neither life nor death can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.  He is there.  Jesus wept.  He wept for the loss of a friend.  He knows how it feels.

I Waited for Grief

I waited for grief but he did not come

I shook the trees so his tears would fall from the branches

I dug for his cries in the dark soil

But I did not find grief

I pondered death and embraced loss

I invited sorrow and pursued pain

But I sat alone and drank my tea

Only stillness came

Guilt tried to come too

Saying perhaps l had not loved the one lost

But I did not listen to her

Today I plan to meet with grief

I am going to brush my hair and wait

I do not know how he will come

Nor how he will treat me

But I must meet him

For to meet with him is to be human

I met with grief today

He was gentle with me even though he was thorough

I suppose I will see him here and there

Until the time has passed

– Stephanie Jones


Stephanie JonesStephanie Jones is the co-pastor here at New Day, alongside her husband Scott.  With their 4 children, they moved from Michigan to Summerville to start New Day Community Church over 4 years ago.  Stephanie has been radically impacted by the Father’s love and makes it her life’s mission to impart what she has with those around her – healing of the heart, hearing God’s voice, evangelism and flowing in the prophetic.  You can listen to their sermons and read more about them on our main site: